Board of Directors

A 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, Chicago Public Media is governed by a Board of Directors that meets regularly throughout the year, with all meetings open to the public. 

2017 current members of the Board include:

Matt Moog

Bryan Traubert
Vice Chair

Merrill Smith

Constantine S. Mihas


Steve Baird
Deann Bayless
Lawrence Benito
Albert Bennett
Piyush Chaudhari
Jonathan Copulsky
Raymond E. Crossman, Ph.D.
William A. Gee, IV
Roger Hochschild
Grace B. Hou
Jay L. Kloosterboer
Lerry J. Knox
James W. Mabie
Kay W. McCurdy
Robert Pasin
James W. Perry, Jr.
Sheli Rosenberg
Carole Segal
Robin Steans
Dilnaz Waraich

Honorary Past Chairs:
Kenneth Lehman
Scott P. Marks, Jr.
David J. Rudis
Heather Steans
Alexander D. Stuart
Tony Weisman