Guidelines for Public Service Announcments on WBEZ

Please send all PSA information to:
  • We do not consider fundraisers or benefit events for PSAs.
  • We do not use pre-recorded PSAs.
Information should be sent two/three weeks before the actual event.
  • It can be either a press release or pre-written PSA(s); however, we reserve the right to rewrite/edit information to suit our format and time restrictions.
  • No attachments, including photos, please! All information must be in the body of the email.
The emphasis is on events (lectures, films, exhibits, etc.).
  • Calls for volunteers
  • General dissemination of information
  • Requests for non-monetary donations
PSAs run one or two times – there is no regular rotation nor guarantee that your PSA will air. Notification of air times will not be provided. To guarantee airing, you should consider purchasing paid spots. To inquire, please call Underwriting at 312-948-2939.
We do not post general community events to our website; only Chicago Public Media sponsored events.
If your information qualifies, no phone calls please, send the info to:
Public Service Announcements
Navy Pier
848 East Grand Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60611.
Helpful hint:
Remember the "Who, What, Where, When" formula.
Who is your organization? What event are you mentioning and what will happen at the event? Where is the event being held? What date and time?
Here are a few examples of correctly formatted PSAs:
Candle making has a strong tradition in Sweden. With the long, dark winter nights, candles were essential for lighting and are associated with many of the oldest festivals. Light up the winter by making hand-dipped candles at the Swedish American Museum on Sunday, November 1st. Participants will create paper heart baskets and Christmas ornaments too. Reservations at s a m a c dot org.
More than twenty-eight million Americans suffer from migraines. More than just a bad headache, migraines are a serious medical condition that can significantly impact quality of life. There are, however, effective treatments. Information is at American Council for Headache Education at 800-255-ACHE.
The Family Connections Project is seeking male and female mentors for children in foster care. Many of these children need a positive influence and emotional support. Mentoring is a trusting relationship that pairs young people with caring individuals who offer guidance and encouragement. Parties interested in becoming a mentor for the Family Connections Project should contact Darryl Harvey at 1-800-572-2390
Thank you for listening to WBEZ Chicago Public Media!