Donor FAQs

What is the difference between WBEZ and Chicago Public Media?
WBEZ is the call letters for our radio station, 91.5 FM Chicago (simulcast on 90.7 FM Morris), as well as our website Chicago Public Media owns WBEZ, This American Life, Sound Opinions and Vocalo.

When I become a member of WBEZ what does my donation support?
Donations pay for all costs to acquire, produce and deliver content on WBEZ and including NPR programming such as Morning Edition and All Things Considered and locally produced programs such as Eight Forty-Eight and Worldview. WBEZ membership also supports other Chicago Public Media initiatives such as This American Life, Sound Opinions and Vocalo.

Can I become a member of This American Life?
No. Donors to national programs are not members of WBEZ. That means that we don't offer any benefits for giving (unless you give when we're offering a certain thank-you gift), except of course the knowledge that you're supporting a really great program.

Can I give you a donation but restrict it to be spent on a certain program, such as Morning Edition? 
No. All individual donations to Chicago Public Media are unrestricted. Your donation supports our general operating budget, which includes all Chicago Public Media expenses. 

Do you share donor information with other organizations?
We do occassionally share names and addresses with other non-profit cultural institutions in the Chicago area (to opt-out, please email or call us at 312.948.4855). We never sell donor information. You can read our full privacy policy here.

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