Costs at WBEZ

WBEZ is trying to raise over $1,000,000 as we close out our fiscal year at the end of this month. Over the year, our members have given us almost $7,000,000!

Are you wondering where all that money goes? Here's a quick list of some of our top expenses.

National Programming

Morning Edition: $760,000 per year

All Things Considered: $540,000 per year

Fresh Air: $44,000 per year

BBC: $22,000 per year

The World: $20,000 per year

Marketplace: $93,000 per year

Local Programming

Talk programming on WBEZ and Vocalo, including programs such as The Morning Shift, Worldview, and The Afternoon Shift: $1,700,000 per year

WBEZ Reporters & Freelancers, including salaries and benefits: $2,400,000 per year

WBEZ Reporter Supplies & Equipment: $235,000

In FY 2012 revenue totalled $24,000,000 excluding interest and dividends from investments.

For more public records, visit our financial pages